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Basic principle and structure of fiber laser cutting machine laser

Basic principle and structure of fiber laser cutting machine laser

With the development of modern machinery processing industry, the requirements for the quality and precision of cutting have been continuously improved, and the requirements for improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and having high-efficiency automatic cutting functions are also increasing. As a part of the cutting machine industry, the products we provide will be the most modern and technological. Welcome everyone to discuss cooperation. Details:/ 
The basic principle and structure of the fiber laser cutting machine laser participates in the rare earth ions in the core of the fiber. When the pump light passes through the fiber, it will be absorbed by rare earth ions in the core, and it will transition to the upper energy level of the laser, and the number of particles will be reversed. The subsequent particles, under the induction of spontaneously emitted photons or specially injected photons, transition to lower laser levels. At the same time, photons are emitted and the process occurs like an avalanche, so lasers are emitted. The above is the basic principle of fiber lasers. 
The basic structure of fiber laser cutting machine laser consists of the following three parts: gain medium, resonant cavity and pump source. The gain medium is an optical fiber core doped with rare earth ions, placed in two reflectively selected chambers. The pump light enters the optical fiber from the left side of the laser of the fiber laser cutter, and the output laser is obtained through the filter and the collimation optical system. . 
Theoretically, the gain fiber and the pump source are necessary components of the laser, however, the resonant cavity is not an indispensable component. Because the optical fiber itself can be very long and achieve a high single-pass gain, the mode selection of the resonator and the effect of the length of the gain medium can be eliminated. In practical applications, people usually want to use shorter optical fibers, so in most cases, use resonant cavities to introduce feedback.

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