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Scientists laser creates 20 million degrees Celsius

Scientists laser creates 20 million degrees Celsius

According to foreign media reports, scientists at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in California have created an environment inside the stars and planets on Earth. The environment has reached 20 million degrees Celsius, which is 4.3 million degrees Celsius higher than the temperature in the center of the sun.

SLAC is part of the US Department of Energy and has the longest linear particle accelerator in the world. After the huge X-ray laser beam enters the accelerator, it enters seven experimental areas, and in the last area called MEC (abbreviation of the substance under extreme conditions, "substance in extreme environment"), such ultra-high temperature is created. . At the MEC, high power lasers are used to strike the metal sheets until they are vaporized into a plasma.

Scientists who create these conditions can help us understand more about celestial bodies, and we can also use plasma to make particle accelerators, which may help in the treatment of cancer.

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